The Consortium is a collaborative learning network designed to enhance service in biomedical ethics for the participating Adventist health systems. Our primary goal is to share practical information about the application of ethical health care principles.

Inaugural Partners

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January 22, 2019

Adventist Bioethics Consortium Webinar

Grace Oei, MD, MA "Surrogate Decision Making: Standards and Pitfalls"

Surrogate decision making is a very common practice in medicine. However, this is an area that can be fraught with questions of ethical significance. This webinar will guide attendees through the standards of surrogate decision making and highlight how healthcare professionals, including nurses and chaplains, can help families through what can be a difficult process. Registration is free, but will be limited to the first 100 registered participants. Information on how to register will be made available by January 14.

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4th Annual Adventist Bioethics Conference

The conference will be a gathering of leaders from the five Adventist health systems in North America as well as leaders from the Adventist church. The conference will also welcome church and health care institutions’ leaders from outside of North America.

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