LLUH Campus

7th Annual Adventist Bioethics Conference

Hosted by Loma Linda University Health in the Centennial Complex Conference Center at 24760 Stewart Street, Loma Linda, California 92354, on May 8-9, 2023.

The conference is designed to: 

  1. Address current issues in bioethics and clinical ethics
  2. Nurture a vibrant network of healthcare and education leaders in bioethics
  3. Examine and assess the theological foundation for bioethics in Adventist healthcare
  4. Cultivate relationships between church leadership, healthcare clinicians and leaders, and community pastoral staff

Ethics committee members, health care executives and professionals, chaplains, church leaders, ethics professors, health care attorneys and anyone interest in health care ethics are invited to attend. This year’s conference includes an optional pre-conference clinical ethics workshop for practitioners who provide ethics consultations, poster and abstract presentations, and more!