May 7-8, 2018: The 3rd Annual Adventist Bioethics Conference was hosted by Adventist HealthCare at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Headquarters in Columbia, MD. The conference was entitled, "Ethics of Faithfulness for 21st Century Adventist Healthcare."

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Presentation slides are available for download below:

1. Bioethics and the Faith Factor: Personal Reflections

Speaker: Robert Orr, MD, CM

2. Ethics and Health Disparities: A Journey Toward Justice

Speakers: Andy Lampkin, PhD and Marilyn Lynk, PhD

3.  Science and Ethics of Sexual Identity

Speaker: Kirby Oberg, PhD

4. Role of Chaplains in Healthcare Ethics

Speakers: Stan Dobias, DMin and Nahum Melendez, MDiv

5. The Futility of Futility: How to Address Goals of Treatment

Speakers: Gina Mohr, MD and Grace Oei, MD, MA

6. The Unrepresented Patient: Pitfalls of Decision Making by Committee

Speakers: Gina Mohr, MD and Grace Oei, MD, MA
Relevant Articles:

​7. Mission and Ethics in Adventist Healthcare

Speaker: Ted Hamilton, MD

8. Ethical Voices of Church Leadership

Speaker: Peter N. Landless, M.B., Bch., M.Med., FCP, FACC, FASNC