Dr. Gerald Winslow receiving the General Conference Health Ministries Medal of Distinction for Lifetime of Exceptional Service to Health Ministry from Dr. Peter Landless.

May 6-7, 2019: The 4th annual Adventist Bioethics Conference was hosted by Adventist Health in Roseville, CA. The focus of the conference was on "Ethics for a Whole Community."

Conference Program

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Presentation slides, video, and other resources from the conference are available below:

1. Ethics and Chaplains as Leaders

Speaker: Orlando Jay Perez, MDiv

Presentation Slides

2. Legal Issues and Clinical Ethics

Speaker: Chris Johnston, JD

Presentation Slides

3. The Opioid Testing Ground: How Faith Communities Succeed

Speaker: Angeline David, DrPH, MHS, RDN

Presentation Slides Adventist Recovery Ministries 

4. End of Life Care: Why Community Matters

Speaker: Gina Mohr, MD

Presentation Slides

5. Just As I Am: Ethics of Evangelism at the Bedside

Speaker: Ted Hamilton, MD

Presentation Slides

6. Complex Cases: Residue of Moral Regret

Speakers: Dennis deLeon, MD and Grace Oei, MD, MA

Presentation Slides

7. Let's "Rewire" Our Strategy: Effective Communication with the Media

Speakers: Helen Jung, DrPH, MPH and Carlyle Walton, MHSM, CPA, FACHE

Presentation Slides

8. Adventists and Abortion: History and Prospects

Speaker: Gerald Winslow, PhD

Presentation Slides





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